More Than Just A Yakima Web Design Company

Yakima web design company, Business Web Marketing Services, does more than just web design, we work with local business owners to increase customers and sales and lower advertising costs.  We specialize in search engine optimization and mobile marketing services.

Our web design services fall into three categories: Yakima Web Design - 80% search online before buying locally

  1. Full web site design, usually built using WordPress, however, we can do custom and e-commerce sites as well.  WordPress sites are very well liked by search engines and also allow us to create web sites our clients can easily learn to manage and update on their own if they wish.
  2. Private coaching walk-through where we meet with you at your home or office computer and personally walk you through every step of the web design process, starting with keyword research, deciding on a domain name, buying your domain name, securing hosting, setting up your own web site and teaching you how to build and manage it.  This is only a local Yakima web design service.
  3. Mobile web sites which are designed specifically for faster loading time and easy navigation on mobile phones.

Having a web site is just the beginning for many local small businesses.  A web site does no good unless it is found by customers searching for what you offer.  That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in.  A Business Web Marketing Services’ consultant will help you choose which keywords are best to target and recommend a course of action to get you found on the first page of Google. Yakima Web Design and Search Engine Optimization

Ranking your web page on the first page of Google can be quick and easy or take many months and a lot of work, depending on your niche and keywords.  SEO is an ongoing process, Business Web Marketing Services provides continuing optimization services to your site once we get it ranked to maintain your position.

Our Local Mobile Marketing Services give small business owners and extra edge on getting more business.

  1. Google Places Listings
  2. Text Message Marketing Services
  3. Mobile Web Sites
  4. QR Codes
  5. Social Media

A well-optimized Google places listing can puts your business on the map and on the first page of Google in a local search even if your web site isn’t there.

Staying in contact and maintaining a presence with customers is important.  Marketing to existing customers costs less and can increase personal referrals which is free!  Having an email list is great…a text messaging list is the best.  Text messages have a 97% open rate and most get read within an hour of being received.  Send out weekly coupons or specials to keep your existing customers coming back for more.

Click here to see how to drive customers to your door with Text Message Marketing.

Mobile web sites make it easier and faster for mobile users to find what they are looking for…perfect for the on-the-go crowd.

QR codes are 2D barcodes that can be scanned with a smart phone and QR Code to Business Web Marketing Services Web Site
instantly directs the user to any web page…great for reviews, instant discounts, product information, directions, contact information, etc.

Social Media keeps a businesses in touch with their exisiting customers and can help draw in new customers.

Ready to get more business?

Contact us today for a FREE consultation and find out why Business Web Marketing Services is more than just another Yakima web design company.









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