Why Not To Pay Your Web Designer To Host Your Website

Many web designers take care of securing domain names and hosting for their clients, and some clients prefer it that way because it’s easier for them, but there are many good reasons why that’s not a good idea…and it has everything to do with who’s in CONTROL.

  • When a web designer has full control of your accounts it can be difficult,  if not almost impossible, to move your site and files if you want to work with another designer.  They can claim that they own the domain name and files.
  • Or worse yet, I actually had a client who hosted their site with a friend…who unexpectedly passed away in an accident.  Fortunately I had access to the account and was able to set them up on their own hosting account.
  • In non-profit organizations people move in and out of board positions…when domain names and hosting are set up in the personal accounts of a current member rather than the organization it can be difficult to gain control of those accounts when the person leaves…especially if they leave under bad circumstances.
  • Well-meaning friends and family members have started sites for several clients but then don’t have time to keep them up.
  • Hosting client sites is a nice source of passive income for web designers, but as a client there is also a good chance that you are paying more than you would if you had your own hosting account.  Also, if your designer doesn’t have a reseller account to set you up on your own account, rather they use their own personal hosting account, your site is at risk.  If another site on that account gets hacked it puts the whole account at risk of being shut down.

For the best interests of my clients, I always sit down and personally walk them through picking a domain name and setting up a hosting account when they are just getting started.

If you currently have a website under the control of someone else, I recommend taking the time now to set up your own hosting account and move it before something unexpected happens…it will save a lot of time and frustration in the end.

Below are the service providers I like to use and recommend, just click on them to find out more.  I’m not going to go into the benefits of each of them here, if you have questions or would like help setting up your account(s) give me a call…if you use my links you’ll get a discount and I will help you set it up at no charge!



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