Thursday 8th May 2014

Social Media Marketing

Did You Know That Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube Can Help You Get Better Search Engine Rankings In Google?

I specialize in helping business owners, like you, improve their website’s search engine rankings. Of course, the real goal is to help you get more business and we never lose sight of that.

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Trends In Social Media Marketing

It’s amazing how far social media marketing has come in such little time. After all, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter haven’t been around all that long.

Originally, these sites were just used for personal interactions but that is no longer the case. Many companies, including Nike, Toyota and Coke have created entire social media campaigns and many are now promoting their Facebook Fanpage (aka Business Page) instead of their company’s website.

Here are three social media marketing trends on the rise…

Social Media SEO

Until recently, search engine optimization (aka SEO) and social media had no connection. SEO techniques were used to enhance the search engine placement of one’s website and social media was used as a way to connect with friends and customers.

In 2011, all that changed.

Search engine giants Google and Bing have gone on record to say that they are now using information they obtain from the social networking sites to rank the web pages they reference.

The search engines are now giving prominence to content posted by those they deem to be an authority and if the content contains a link to a web page, it may cause a boost in the rankings for the page.

They are also looking at the number of times that a particular piece of content is “retweeted” or shared. If you are creating great content that is valuable to your marketplace, you may see your content goes “viral” and this can now benefit you from an SEO standpoint as well.

Custom Facebook Fanpages

With the advent of iFrame pages for Facebook comes the ability to create full-featured websites… right inside Facebook.

Yes, the width is pretty narrow at only 520 pixels, but there are now so many options available to anyone who creates a customized Fanpage.

It is now easy to build an email list straight from your fanpage and if you use the “Like Reveal” feature, you can greatly enhance the number of “likes” you receive. This may not sound like earth-shattering news until you realize the viral effect that is taking place.

Whenever someone “likes” your fanpage it not only allows you to connect with them, but it also shares this information with their Facebook friends. As most friends share a number of commonalities, it is likely that their friends may end up “liking” your page as well and the cycle continues.

Fanpage Marketing

As mentioned earlier, many companies are marketing their Facebook fanpage more heavily than their own website and this is happening both inside, and outside, of Facebook.

You’ve probably noticed that many television ads now direct viewers to the fanpage url… this is an example of a campaign designed to increase their Facebook fan base. Of course, their also displaying their fanpage url in magazine ads and in other forms of print media.

They are also marketing inside of Facebook a number of ways. Strategies include contests, discounts, coupons, lead generation and techniques designed to improve the viral nature of their fanpage.

As you can see, social media marketing is becoming more prominent (and sophisticated) on a daily basis and it’s an avenue no business owner should overlook. Those that do may find their customer base thinks of them as “out of touch” and not as relevant as they once were.

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